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RedCondor Secure

The cost* to add RedCondor is based on a per user pricing model since email filtering requires a lot of bandwidth as well as human interaction to provide 24/7 updates. RC is the best solution available.

This award winning service stops 99.991% of spam with a false-positive rate at near zero (1 in 190,000)

- It stops over 99.9% of spam and viruses.
- It has false a positive rate of less than 1 in 190,000 emails.
- 100% uptime, fully redundant hosted on multiple servers and connections.
- It does not use challenge and response so no reply or validation steps are required for people sending email to users.
- It does not require end users to manage their spam settings, they get a simple daily email report.
- It will spool email so if your server is down email is held and then delivered when it's back online.
- The spam database is updated 24/7 in real time by humans.

* Quantity Discounts available. Contact us for more than 10 addresses. Aliases are free so if you have info sales and webmaster all go to a user such as joe@domain the cost is just 1 user for joe@domain

1 Month Price - $2.33 USD

7 Day Email Secondary Backup

A backup of all email sent to a domain accessible via webmail and held for 7 days. The backup resides on a server located in a different geographical region.

* Requires RedCondor Secure

1 Month Price - $9.99 USD